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Allergy Center

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Allergies On The MS Gulf Coast


Residents of South Mississippi are exposed to a broad spectrum of environmentally produced allergens. Pollen from oak trees, pine trees, ragweed and goldenrod can often be seen. High humidity levels also produce mold related allergens that can also exacerbate ones symptoms. Allergies are rarely cured, but with proper diagnosis there are many medications and treatment options that are available to help relieve your symptoms.

Methods of Testing

Common Allergies

What are common allergy symptoms?

Immunotherapy/Allergy Shots

Can a person be cured of an allergy?

Our Allergy department staff are members of the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy. Regular courses are attended so that our allergy staff is educated with any new information and changes to better benefit our patients. Over the years allergy testing methods have become more perfected.

The method of allergy testing, if needed, is determined by the physician upon the clinical exam. Your allergy results will indicate the need for allergy injections / immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a program of regular injections of increasing amounts of extracts of allergens to which you are sensitive. When sufficient relief of your allergy symptoms can not be achieved with environmental controls and medications, immunotherapy can reduce your sensitivities. It is effective for weeds, trees and grass pollens, dust mites, mold spores and some animal danders. Food allergies should be rotated or eliminated in your diet depending on how allergic you are to the food.


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